Redesign of webpages

Complete update of design and programming

Redesign Web focused to the user

The saying “to renew or to die? also includes the design Web
Redesign webpage

Advantages to redesign your webpage

Already you have a website and you want to give a “present touch him?? We will present an elegant design to you and modern and your Web will emphasize of the rest.

The companies, over the years, are more and more conscious of the importance of the presence in Internet, or because it is worth to them as investment to possible future sales or simply to automate tasks of their company. The evolution of the technologies and software causes that the design Web is remained suspended losing relevance for the possible finders, because surely companies come behind doing it better.

A good redesign not only must concentrate in the visual aspect, but it has to realise an analysis of the used technologies and to optimize to the maximum the programming used for thus, to be able to update the design and to add new functionalities.

Tasks that we realised to redesign your Web

  • Study and analysis of the present webpage and possible competitors.
  • Exposition of the improvements to realise in the webpage or to contained, visual level or programming.
  • In some cases it is possible that the complete redesign of the website is required.
  • Migration of the contents from any platform.
  • Revision and control of the new version of the Web, this includes a correct advantage of the acquired SEO and verification of errors.

Prices redesign webpages.

We were in charge of the redesign of your webpage or lies down online. As they are changing to the tendencies the design is possible to be returned obsolete and to see a webpage or it lies down online with a old fashioned design can generate distrust to possible the clients.

It is not only design, the content managers as Wordpress or Prestashop is renewed and removing up-to-date versions from their motors of programming, agrees to have the last versions to avoid security breaches.

Redesign webpage

  • Up to 10 sections in the Web
  • Adapted design to mobiles
  • Optimized SEO
  • Self-managing website

The best election if you want to present services or products

Redesign lies down online

  • Your calling card in Internet
  • Professional design in HTML5
  • Form of contact

If you think that you do not need more than a cover where to present your company

It contacts with us

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