Maintenance webpages and stores online

Maintenance services Web, mantén your site to the day

Maintenance services for webpages and stores online.

A website updated to the day means much for the user who the visit. In WebsGalicia we dedicated ourselves to this and we will provide a maintenance to you Web fit to each case.
  • Discharge and edition of content.
  • Updates of security.
  • New functionalities in the Web.
  • New pages and sections.
  • Optimization of speed of load.
  • Design of Landing Pages.
  • Your free Web of errors.
  • To update images.
  • Text update.
  • Management of catalogues, documents, etc.
  • Modification of prices.
  • Insertion of banners.
  • Shipments of newsletters to your clients.
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Person in charge: David Daluz () - NIF: 36120656F postal Dir.: Rúa Serafín Avendaño, 8 Telephone: 620574753 Email: info/@/
We treat the information that it facilitates to us with the purpose of to serve asked for to them.