How to include the button €œTo receive budget€ in the page of Facebook of your company

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Surely or you will have seen the new functionality of Facebook in some page of company or fanpage, the button €œTo receive budget€.

If you want to begin to remove started off to him for this call to the action from today and facilitating the users who ask for detailed information to you on the purchase of a product or service, he continues reading this post and we will show to you how you can do it you yourself quickly.

The calls to the action (CTA) serve to increase the interaction of the users and, therefore, to generate more opportunities of sale.

1 Haz click in the present button of the head and selects the option €œto publish button€




2 Once it has been opened the card selects the option €œPonte in touch€ and marks €œTo receive budget€



3 Crea a form indicating the following information:

  • Title of the form
  • It informs to the users what it happens when they request a budget to you
  • It asks for the contact information that you consider (telephone, e-mail and direction)
  • It includes the questions necessary to be able to facilitate the budget (minimum one)
  • Previsualiza the form doing click in €œprevious Vista€
  • Beam click in €œAdding button€



button facebook


And already it is!

This way the button to the head of your fanpage will be built-in.

But in addition you want to make some publication in your wall that includes the button €œTo receive budget€, he is as simple as to select the icon €œTo secure budget requests€ that it is located underneath the drawer to make a new publication.



A publication that you can personalize adding to an image and a text, like will thus be created:



It can interest to you

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1 stars2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars (1 votes, average: 5,00 of 5)

2 commentaries

  1. Anthony Carril he says:

    He does not appear this option to me. I do not have way to place the option to receive budget. Help please!

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