Creating a personal blog

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For the accomplishment of this article we have leaned in the carried out experience by Txema Daluz in the creation of its personal blog.

  • The name of your domain chooses well

Not only so that it is going to you to cost money if not so that in addition it will be the showcase of your ideas. It tries that the name chosen for your domain contains those words that speak and are related to that one than you speak in your blog

  • Of what it is going to treat your blog

It simplifies. Concrete and the content of your articles polishes to the maximum.

This work is very important to attract your readers. Once you are able to attract his attention you must maintain his interest.

  • Publication calendar

It establishes with what regularity you are going to publish in your blog and fulfills. You have obtained most difficult, to attract your readers, and must fulfill the commitment established with you and them. If no, leave it

  • Public to whom you go

The people who follow to you hope of you that I contribute interesting articles to them, pleasant and with excellent information on that one than your blog speaks. If you investigate, you deepen in the subjects and you contribute productive advice, does not fit doubt to you that your followers will value the effort that beams.

She can interest to you

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