Labels HTML. What are and how they are used

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If you are already a user advanced in HTML this post will not be to you helpful, because one is a basic way

In this post we are going to speak on labels HTML or tags HTML, fundamental pillars of all design Web since all website, from smallest to the most advanced makes use of them.

From the start of Internet they become use of them for the construction of the webpages, therefore he is some of the first used programming languages and simply using this language a supersimple€ design can be created €œbut with one it structures understandable.

The form to write these labels is quite easy, is begun writing the symbol €œsmaller than€ <, inside the commando is written who is wanted to use and he is finished with the symbol €œgreater than€ >, and following the type of tag who we want to use they are only closed with the same label that before the first symbol of the closing adds a/bar.

We can use labels HTML to create text paragraphs (<p>), to insert images in our webpage (<img>), to create tables <table>, to construct to lists <ul><li>, to emphasize words or phrases in bold <strong> and a long list of others.

For example, if we want to write a text and to emphasize a word in bold, the codification would be thus:

<p>Hola, this is a text of example with a word emphasized in <strong>negrita</strong></p>

And the result that the navigator interprets, would be this:

Hello, this is a text of example with a word emphasized in bold

We are going to shape another example, in this case I want to create a list of elements.


<li>Elemento 1</li>

<li>Elemento 2</li>

<li>Elemento 3</li>


As you see, this label has a father <ul></ul> that includes to the children <li></li>, in this case is a list of elements without numeration (Unordered List) and in the navigator veria thus.

  • Element 1
  • Element 2
  • Element 3

If we want to turn this list into a numerical one, we would change tags father <ul></ul> by <ol></ol> (Ordered List), and veria thus.

  1. Element 1
  2. Element 2
  3. Element 3

This is very basic examples but that can serve to you to know the structure this language.

As we shelp more above, language HTML, comes using from the homes of Internet, according to Wikipedia was Tim Berners-Lee, one of the parents of Internet, first using this code there per 1991.

Puncturing here you can see the first e-mail written by him, where towards mention on the use of the labels.

These first labels that were used were coverall to structure texts. <title> made use of the label, that serves to give name to the document and is what appears in the eyelashes of the navigators and labels of format <h1> <h2>, that gave a visual aspect to the titles of the paragraphs. 

Many of these labels are continued using nowadays.

Types of labels HTML

We can divide the labels in different groups according to his function.

Basic labels HTML

With these labels we could create a simple document HTML.

<! DOCTYPE>It serves to define the document type
<html></html>It defines a document HTML
<head></head>Inside information is written on the document
<title></title>In order to write the title of the document. They are written within <head>
<body></body>Right after </head>. It is the container of the document
<h1></h1>, <h2></h2> until <h6></h6>In order to less create titles of paragraphs, more important <h1> to <h6>
<p></p>The text paragraphs of our document
<br>A jump of single-wire line
<hr>Jump of line that indicates a change of thematic between paragraphs
<a></a>We will be able to write connections to other pages

Labels of format HTLM

They are labels that allow to give a more useful and clear format us to the content of our document.

<abbr></abbr>It defines an abbreviation or a acronym
<address></address>It indicates a direction
<b></b> or <strong></strong>In order to emphasize a text in bold and to give importance him
<blockquote></blockquote>When you want to write an appointment of another person
<code></code>if you want to write a programming code
<de ></de >What you write inside will appear erased in the navigator
<em></em>In order to write in cursive
<sub></sub> and <sup></sup>Subindicessub <sub> or superindicessup <sup>
<time></time>Dates and hours
<u></u>Text underlining

Labels HTML for forms

These labels are worth us to create forms where we can write text, to select some element of a drop-down list or to organize the fields of a legible way

<form></form>It indicates that inside we are going to include a form
<input></input>A field of our form. They can be of text, selection, numbers, bellboys, dates€¦
<textarea></textarea>A text field to be able to write several lines
<button></button>In order to define a button
<select></select>When we want to create a drop-down list
<option></option>They are written within <select> and they are the different options from selection
<label></label>In order to create the title of the field of the form
<fieldset></fieldset>In order to include different fields related within a form. For example, personal data, likings, etc.



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