Uses of Twitter for companies

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Every time they are plus the companies that rise the car of Twitter to promote their services and activities. Whereas some still are wondered why it serves this tool and others directly consider it a toy, a thing is clear: there is much people who use Twitter. Being thus, whether we create in his value as professional tool as if no, which is clear is that Twitter opens the door free to us to an enormous public, and is in our hand taking advantage of this new channel promotion.

Andra Picincu, of has compiled a series of tracks on possible uses of Twitter that can help to remove the maximum party us to our enterprise account of Twitter. For it, he recommends the following uses:

1. To expand our network

In Twitter we can score at groups related to our professional activity and obtain interesting data, as well as establish relations with possible clients and partners. When creating an account of Twitter, we will give an accessibility image and we will invite our clients to communicate with us.

2. To share information to reinforce our credibility

If we celebrated gratuitous seminaries, or encounter, we can be announcing them and to invite the user to register itself. Also we can connect to presentations and videos to draw attention on our events.


3. To emphasize the special thing

Twitter allows us to share the last news and events related to our activity. We can create feed specific to inform on new products and to emphasize everything what we consider of special interest. When sharing information of quality and advice, we will create a presence online hard and we will gain visibility in Internet.

4. Search business opportunities

We can use Twitter to attract traffic our page and to offer useful information for possible clients. In this case, he is better to center to us in creating relations that to try to force the direct sale. We do not have either to be scared to use it to successfully obtain information on commentaries of clients, competitors and others regarding our business. Centr©monos in what data we can offer and what data we can obtain.

5. To communicate to us with our employees

Twitter works very well as collaboration tool, and can save time and money to us. We can replace post office and called by tweets that informs to our equipment than we want to transmit to them. In addition, to share this information will serve so that others see what we dedicated ourselves.

6. Special supplies and promotions

The social average is a way wonderful to promote our product by means of coupons special discount, supplies and samples. In this sense, Twitter offers a bidirectional channel to us of promotion.

7. To receive commentaries of our clients

When accepting commentaries of the clients in open, other possible clients will see what company class we are. Twitter allows to respond us quickly to close any service that does not work or, or to respond before any received complaint. We contact effective with each of our clients to successfully obtain its sincere opinion and make public our objectives to make an effort to us to fulfill them.

8. Interaction with the competition

We can read tweets of our competitors and be in touch with them, something that rarely happen in the real world. In this way we can follow the progresses and the errors of our competition, which is useful to be able to adapt them to our strategy.

9. To organize local meetings

Twitter allows us to organize meetings. Announcing the hour and the place, we can plan an informal meeting and put to us with distributors, suppliers and other people in touch with those who we can create trade relations.

10. To develop fidelity to the brand

With Twitter we can stay always in touch with our followers. All these users are clients in power, reason why the relation with them will help us to provide more information to them on our services and will reinforce its loyalty towards our company.

In order to help us to manage the Twitter of our company, we recommended applications as TweetDeck, Seesmic or Mr. Tweet. A use adapted of these can help us to create an attractive and interactive presence for our company in this channel, which can report many benefits to us. However, it is important to consider if this class of tools is adapted for our particular case.

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