Applications to create your own store online

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It seems undeniable that at present any enterprise activity must count on its binocular in Internet and the social networks.

To have a store online seems a fundamental requirement if you want to maintain your activity in the time.

But one of the problems that appear when independent or a propietary one of a SME wants to manage these platforms by itself, is the time that requires the maintenance and the update of contents.

So that we are sincere, to have a showcase in Internet of our business that is full of slow spiderwebs and products, does not attract anybody.

Our advice is to mark a weekly or monthly calendar to carry out these tasks, as updating the page, changing products, to improve the design, etc.

What has been shelp, you have the connections of the most used and effective here to create or to maintain your #tiendaonline


She is one of the best applications than we can be encotrar. It is used by great companies for his stores online as Samsung, The North Face or Nespresso


She is one of the applications but used at present and at the moment it has but of 228000 stores online that this application uses


It emphasizes by the easy thing that it is to change the appearance and by the facility to create personal modules for our store


This application emphasizes by its friendly appearance. In addition a limitless number of categories can be created, to accept multiple types of currency

WordPress + WooCommerce

Very popular, easy to use free and with hundreds of groups. He is ideal to have your blog of company

There are other applications, but with these, you will have the necessary thing to begin.

It can interest to you

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