Fidelizar clients is to assure future sales

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I believe that I have been an authentic lump, I recognize it. As much time giving the tin to the friendly of websGalicia.es with the importance of fidelizar clients who have not been them more remedy than €œto animate to me€ to write a post on this subject 🙂

This fixation mine is due to that the majority of the small and medium businesses that I know when they decide to take to end a marketing strategy usually is marked generally as high-priority objective to attract new clients. The companies are very few that decide to conduct battles directed to their own clients, consider that it is in the pick up of new clients where they must use the greater percentage of his investment.  And surely they are not mistaken as long as, the company is of very recent constitution.

Nevertheless, the companies that take working a time and or have a portfolio of clients, would have to value very seriously if the strategies of marketing to develop must be oriented to the loyalty of their present customer and to analyze calculator in hand that is the more profitable, if the money and time reversal to be able to new buyers or the cost to conduct loyalty battle. My opinion is clear in this sense, is necessary to value the possible results in both scenes before choosing between one or the other strategy

There are many specific formulas that can be taken end to improve the loyalty of clients. They do not have why to be especially expensive if we know to handle concepts as the proximity, exclusive feature, added value, etc. so that these sensations will cause that our client feels spoiled. Special promotions by antiquity, exclusive information of certain products or services, drawings only for clients, etc.  These strategies handled suitably based on the profile of our customer, are especially profitable

It is known that if we have established a bond with the client is a greater probability than it returns to buy

If still you have the calculator in the hand I propose to you that you calculate that percentage of your sales of the past year comes from new clients and what percentage corresponds to purchases realised by active clients. The resulting data can help you to decide if your next campaign must be directed to the loyalty.

Finally, I leave a personal conviction you:

The company that develops and perfects a strategy of marketing oriented to the loyalty of its clients will have guaranteed a percentage of its future sales


By Txema Daluz

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