How to use the Social Networks fidelizar to your Clients?

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ are the social but used networks and can be an important help to increase and fidelizar to your Clients

The advantage is that it allows you to arrive at many people and therefore to present to them your Hairdressing salon or aesthetic Center as well as the different offered services.

Facebook and Google+

It remembers that the Page of Facebook of your business must be tie to your personal profile.

The contents of the page must be related to your activity. Imaginative

Gave to your contacts and friendly that make circulate your page between their contacts and friendly. In this way you will secure a greater publicity


Although it is less visual than Facebook, fulfills also its mission to present to us a pile of people.

In addition it allows us to be informed into professional new features of the sector, opinions and to be on tendencies and new features.

Also use it to recycle and to take ideas to you


The social network of €œthe photos€.

From time to time some photo of a special hairdo raises or that is going to be tendency. The images allow you to make a small gallery with all creations

It remembers that if extractions a photography of a Client, you must request permission before raising it to him the application

It can interest to you

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