Basic use of social networks for your Commerce

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If you want to use Facebook and Twitter to attract more Clients your commerce or fidelizar those that already you have, this one entrance can help you.

With the knowledge that or you have of these applications, it is very easy to prepare them so that they are a faithful reflection of your business, the products or services that you sell and as you maintain the contact with your Clients.

It will really be the reflection of your real commerce in Internet and the social networks.

It is not necessary to remember that you are your, with full name, that you open a new page or counts on the name or commercial denomination of your commerce.

It uses the agenda that I show to you as a list of tasks. The first days it verifies that in each page or account of social networks, you have done it everything:

  • Incoming number
  • Type of contents that you must publish (text, video, I connect, photographies)

Ten in account that in your personal page you can do €œof your layer sayo€, but the page or account of social networks of your commerce is the image you want to give of your company.

When you publish or you share something, it thinks that the content must be related to your commerce, the products or services that you sell, the news related to your activity and relations to groups that have professional interests similar to yours.

Therefore, you must avoid the value judgments when you publish with the name of your business. Not to enter personal controversies (to allow them either), since the experience says to us that to twine around in a discussion it only serves to lose time, money and joy.

In order to finish, to only say that with this work you will be able to be present of €œworthy€ form in Internet and the social networks, being accessible for the Clients, Friendly and Colleagues who want to maintain the contact by this means and to sell of sporadic form to your nearer circles.

If your objective is to take advantage of to the maximum these new channels sale or to cover a market that you know clearly that this growing quickly, then you must draw up an annual budget this concept and to contract the services of a professional.

I hope that this €œchueta€ serves you as help to manage, you yourself, the social networks that represent your commerce.

You will already say it to me it is worth?

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