It prepares your store online for Christmases

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One already approaches Christmas 2016, time to enjoy the family, the friendly, to eat, to drink, etc€¦ But also to buy small gifts for all. In the electronic commerce, the sales of this time suppose a 25-30 % of the annual invoicing. There is no doubt that he is a little while key for the salesmen online! In we want to help to remove the maximum party you to the celebrations! She is full of useful advice who all salesman online would have to follow so that its store shines during the best time of sales of the year.

It forms your PrestaShop store to devastate in Christmases

The Christmas preparations begin by back-office. You do not forget to make these simple changes in your back-office PrestaShop so that your store is ready stops
the celebrations.

  • It qualifies (if you do not have it already), a chat live. A good gratuitous example with limitations is Zopim
  • It hides the products without stock or that you do not want that they are visible.
  • It qualifies the bellboys of the social networks, to promote the mouth to mouth or, in this the screen case, screen.
  • It asks your agency of transports for the cost of URGENT SHIPMENTS and values to introduce it in your store.
  • It qualifies the purchase for guests in your store. Sometimes, for the client, he is less troublesome than to have to fill up all the predetermined fields.

Some advice on the design and structure

  • He values in inserting some €œChristmas touch€ to your Web. The streets of your district are adorned, the houses fill of adornments, the showcases are decorated with Christmas reasons, why not your store online?
  • IT FACILITATES THE SEARCHES: A good serious option to add some new categories as for example:
    • €œThe best gifts for brothers.€
    • €œGifts for breast/Pope€
  • It evaluates the option to add some €œChristmas Supply€. Example: 5% discount
  • Sensation of imminence: As for example €œWe go that only they are 20 days for Christmas€.

SEO Navide±o

  • He reviews your better landing pages and uses them.
  • What products are visited in your Web? It thinks about making a special supply for them.
  • Starting off of the content that already you have, it inserts Christmas key words.
  • Google Adwords€¦? By all means. It creates some specific announcement by this time.
  • You don't have a blog? Then already these taking 😉  Already you have it? Then it creates entrances, optimizes them and shows them the world, that to Google enchants to him.
  • MAIL CAMPAIGNS. It removes your wonderful list from clients to shine and remembers to them that Christmas HO HO HO approaches.


Source: Prestashop

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