5 advice to improve your PrestaShop

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If you have made the decision to develop your store online and you have yourself I decide by PrestaShop as manager of contents, these 5 ideas will come to you from pearls to improve your store online.
You already know that PrestaShop offers of home a series to you of functionalities (personalisation of products, systems of shipment, etc.) that can be sufficient so you need but you do not doubt in incorporating new modules to increase the possibilities of your store online. The investment that you realise in this sense, always will leave to you against the account
Once you have become familiar with the functionalities of this manager of contents is when you must approach other equally important questions. Some ideas go Here!

1. - The organization of contents optimizes

So that navigation by your store is comfortable and logical you must take care of the organization of the categories. You Do not commit the error to open a countless number of categories or to have left short. The recommendation is that these will have to be organized with tree structure. There is no a defined reference since the number of categories will also depend on the number of products that you have on sale in your store online
Also you must of being very careful with the quality of the images of products. The attention must concentrate in the product and recognize it of clear form and needs. In addition in PrestaShop always you can include several images of the same product so that the user can know with more detail the aspect the product
As far as the description of products it is not necessary more to think about which same we like, that is to say, whatever clearer and complete is, more sales we will obtain. Certainly many sales have not been realised by the little information that shows a certain product in a store online

2. - How to choose the best design for your store

Careful with the election of the group for your store online. Ten in account that each group has a series of functionalities that like in his design they must adapt as well as possible to which you are looking for
At this point it would not be necessary to mention it but you do not forget that the chosen group is of type responsive and who he is visible in all type of devices
Finally to indicate that the functionality of the chosen group must allow the clear visualization of the elements nails as the main menu, the car of the purchase, etc.


3. - The additional information generates confidence to the buyers

The pages of additional information contribute confidence to the user since it allows him to solve doubts and therefore to facilitate the purchase process.
The additional information that you do not have to forget is:

  • Conditions of the service: Information for legal the diverse client of the aspect that implies the use of the store (access and security, use of the services of the store, etc.).
    Methods of shipment: information on the different methods of shipment available, specifying downtimes, I matter, etc.
  • Forms of payment: information on the methods of payment available, as well as the conditions that can add costs overrun
  • Who we are: It is another element that serves to generate confidence to the buyers (who we are and where we are or to emphasize our possible strengths)
  • Form of contact: Although PrestaShop already includes this functionality, assures to you that she is active not to lose the thread with your users
  • Policy of privacy: The legal aspects as the protection of data must take shelter obligatorily€ in a page of your store online

If you look for a little in Internet you can find multitude of examples to adapt and to add to this pages, especially for those more complicated than they speak of legal aspects. It remembers to personalize the pages to your business or activity and of using a simple language

4. - Your PrestaShop positions in finders

If you have arrived up to here, the following step is to pitch visible your tent online and for this search engine optimization is vital. To reach a good positioning requires time and certain knowledge but we dare to leave some useful advice you
It activates urls friendly in PrestaShop. Not only they will help you to improve the positioning but they will be nicer for the users
Another aspect important to improve the positioning is to cover the parameters with the eyelash Optimization web search engines (SEO) in the configuration of products (Goal title, Goal friendly description and URL)
Also he is recommendable to have sitemap or map Web. PrestaShop offers a module to you to be able to create it. its function is to facilitate the indexing of contents in the finders.

5. - The speed of load of your store optimizes online

When we sail we have little patience! If your store online takes an eternity in loading itself the positioning will be harmed. In addition a client whom she must hope is difficult that she ends up buying
In order to improve this aspect he is advisable to use optimized images. It is necessary to consider that the images are the elements that, generally, occupy more space reason why it becomes necessary that properly they are optimized. A data, the images of products would not have to surpass a maximum size of 800—800 px.
To avoid the unnecessary load of contents also repels favorably in the speed. You do not put too many modules nor too many products in the same page
Also the type of chosen group can influence in the speed of load of the page.

We hope that these advice help you to improve the sales of your store online Already you will tell us!

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