How to attract traffic your promotions

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How to take traffic to your promotions online

The managers of communities online (Community Managers) usually are frustrated when their promotions online do not secure the results that they have stipulated before sending them. The problem in many occasions is that they do not design a promotion plan, always dream about results but never about how obtaining them. Today I go to be useful to share those actions that work more to take traffic to promotions online (contests, drawings and supplies). In the end inclusively you have a group of Power Point to create a plan for promotions.

Plan to take traffic

First you must make a basic scheme you of steps follow

  • Objectives €“ what you want to obtain with your promotion, this is synonymous almost always of increase of fans.
  • Considered results €“ if we followed with the previous example, would be the amount of new fans.
  • Budget €“ how much you can be spent in the promotion, is an organic part (free) and other than you must be of payment if you want to secure better results.
  • Channels €“ average what you have and which can allow you with your budget.

Plan of promotion to increase conversions in promotions online

In order to explain better this part I am going to define the previous steps:

  • Objective €“ to increase fans
  • Considered results €“ 300 new fans
  • Budget €“ 500‚¬
  • Channels €“ Facebook, Twitter and Blog

Since I have defined what I have and I want I am going to initiate the planning:

Estimated division

These would be the games to consider for the promotion, I do it generalizing and taking from reference that is for a contest

  • 20% budget €“ Tools and/or platform to send promotion
  • 20% budget for action PR €“ press standard note shipment, the payment is in case you must incur email-marketing or time to contact with means
  • 60% budget for advertising actions €“ advertising announcements in FB and TW Ads

Planning by channels

Your contest imagines on Facebook that

  • 50% €“ publications several on Facebook
  • 20% €“ publications in Twitter to take traffic to Facebook
  • 20% €“ posts and banners in blog
  • 10% €“ publications in Google Plus

Frequency publications

Soon we imagine that the contest will last of 15 days so that we think about the frequency in channels

  • Twitter €“ 1 or 2 publications to the day with different messages
  • Facebook €“ 3 publications to the week with different messages
  • Google Plus €“ 2 publications to the week with different messages
  • Blog
    • 1 post at the home of the contest and another post when almost finalizing the contest
    • Banner during the days that is active the contest

Action and recommendations to increase traffic (conversions) in promotions


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