How to create a cheap Store Online

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As we are sure that many of you you are giving them returned to the idea to create a cheap store online, which in addition you have listened to in social networks and mass media that the Dropshipping is a lucrative activity and who the investment to realise is very small in relation to the possible benefits, we want to leave you some you rule that, we hoped, serve to you as reference to make the most suitable decisions.

We will not be who we clear the illusion to you but you must know that although it is possible to make money with this type of electronic business, if you do not have the experience and suitable knowledge are a mammoth work. For that reason we advised to you that, if is not your situation, you go to qualified professionals.

It is truth that is very attractive the advantages that the model of business based on the Dropshipping offers, that allows to have you an ample stock without needing investing a single Euro, that is not necessary to have an ample physical space to store it and that the supplier is in charge of all the logistic as the preparation of orders and packaging, as well as the direct shipment to the final client with the name and image of your company.

Up to here everything seems easy truth? , but like it happens with a physical store, if accounts with a defined strategy you will not pass it bad from the first moment. Ten in account that the suppliers will value if you know clearly what you want to sell and, mainly, to where you want to arrive in this business defining as well as it will be the relation that you maintain with them. For that reason, it is in this point when it enters to play Digital Marketing as tool necessary and essential to be able to attract many clients your business and who buy your products.

Once clarified some of the most important characteristics of dropshipping, we indicated next some to you of the aspects that you must watch so that the relation with your suppliers is adapted for your business

I can work simultaneously with several suppliers?

One is not to work with all if not to have the necessary suppliers according to your strategy. It watches the contractual relations with them, who companies an exclusive feature and that do not allow you to work with other suppliers.
Also is very important to know prices policy of supplier and how the market behaves which you go to mark the suitable prices, ten in account that the supplier establishes a price of cost generally and one recommended but you must previously realise a market study that allows you to know how the competition moves, that is to say, if the margin recommended by the supplier is of a 40% but there are other stores online that sell the same product with a 20% hardly you will be able to sell


The payment process

In this aspect you must know that each store online works with an account number and a €œpurse€, that is to say once a client buys in your store only begins the process of automatic order to the supplier if you have the necessary money in your purse to it. He is advisable, mainly at the outset, to maintain a minimum balance in the purse whose amount will go based on the characteristics and products of your store online



Commitments of permanence with the suppliers

The minimum period that settles down in the contractual relations between suppliers and stores online is generally of three months although as a rule the duration of the contract is of a year. It is necessary to consider that from the creation of a new Web until it is positioned in Google must spend six months at least. It is here when the use of Digital Marketing acquires special relevance to diminish these terms.

Synchronization of products

The call level of synchronization of your store online with your supplier will depend much on the amount of your sales and the investment that you want to do. A maximum level of synchronization will suppose logically that, once your client buys in your store just by to press a key begins all the process so that the supplier makes him arrive at your client the perfectly packed product with the name and image of your company. On the contrary a minimum level of synchronization supposes that you will have to review the order of your client and to receive to him thus to be able to initiate the process with the supplier.

After-sales service

This he is another one of the aspects that you must know clearly before home to sell with your store online. The service post sale is vital for any type of business reason why your strategy of marketing also must be oriented to know the level satisfaction of the client in all the process of purchase. With this you will obtain the loyalty of your buyers and that repeat in the future.

In short, already you see that the business of the Dropshopping has many advantages but that it is very important to know what you are thus engaged in hand and to be able to say, in the future not very distant, that you have a profitable store online. Good luck!


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