How to create a portal of e-commerce or it lies down online

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To undertake with a store online is a good idea in the times that run, with data of growth of a 25% in Spain. However, it is necessary to know the platforms available in the market at the time of mounting a store of electronic commerce.

In order to create a store online it is important to know clearly aspects as the model of business and the plan of logistic. Nevertheless, we cannot forget to us the most technical part What platform we are going to use to create and to manage our portal of e-commerce? In this article we presented the more popular platforms and tools to create a store online, making special emphasis in versions open source.

Many alternatives at the time of choosing a platform of e-commerce, everyone with their advantages and disadvantages exist. You must value which are the main characteristics of your portal of e-commerce and the resources of which you arrange to choose the platform that better is adapted to your needs.


Magento is one of the platforms for e-commerce more popular. Different versions from this tool exist: Community Edition, that is the version open source of the platform, another called version Enterprise, more complete and outpost, and used by important companies as Nike for example, and, finally, the provided with accomodations version, Go call and with service of support for small and medium commerces.

The free version of Magento is without a doubt the favourite for many professionals who are introducing themselves in the world of the electronic commerce. If you are a nascent one we advised to you that you begin with this gratuitous version of the platform, that not for being gratuitous it is limited. Although it does not have some functionalities that are reserved for the payment version, the Community Edition de Magento offers functions of analytical, monitoring, control of shipments, options of payment, SEO, coupons, promotions and mobile commerce.

Many are seen before the necessity to engage to a designer or developer to put their platform to point. If you prefer not to have to worry about this aspect, nor to contract anybody, the best thing then is to choose the provided with accomodations version, ideal for SMEs.

Between the advantages of this platform, in addition to being of open code it stands out free that, due also to his free character, member of the community they create add-ONS unballastable free, in addition to being the unloading, to include functionalities of marketing including, a manager of clients and orders and to be a tool apt for movable commerce.


Shopify is a popular platform of e-commerce especially evaluated by designers and end-users. On the one hand, it allows to implement designs and customized groups very easily. On the other hand, it counts on an intuitive and attractive full interface of functionalities. It is necessary to remember, however, that this option is of payment (after a period of test of 14 days, the price oscillates between 29 and 179 dollars to the month).

Cloud is a service. Our store online lodges in the servers of Shopify, causing that they take care of all the questions regarding the security. Thing that clears many headaches to us in subject of payments online. Also it allows to manage returns.

Some of the advantages of Shopify are the availability of gratuitous basic groups; the fact that the groups are of design responsive, which allows lus clients to buy from any device; that it facilitates great amount of data on your consumers, allowing you to segment them in groups; on the other hand, their integrated CMS facilitates the update of the content in the portal of e-commerce; he is compatible with the majority of forms of payment online; it includes marketing tools (codes of discount, integration with social networks and MailChimp, options of SEO€¦).


Returning to the platforms e-commerce of open code it is necessary to emphasize to Prestashop. This tool is well-known by its powerful manager of contents who in addition is of very easy handling. Also it offers functionalities regarding the logistics, invoicing, statistics and conversion. One is a good option if we want to obtain a standard CMS of e-commerce of easy installation. However, the subject will be complicated if we want to personalize it. For that reason, usually it is an option selected by businesses standard with products standard. 

Between the advantages of Prestashop it emphasizes his easy installation and use of his basic version; the personalisation possibility outpost; incorporating a manager of contents (CMS) powerful and intuitive and tools of marketing and, finally, to be a very recommendable platform for SEO: Prestashop positions well of natural form.

Beyond the commented options, more platforms for electronic commerce as they are Zencart, Virtuemart, osCommerce, Volusion, Xcart, etc. exist many the ideal is to begin with a platform open source of gratuitous use to initiate you in the world of e-commerce. Once you know well the business, you will be able to show preference more for the suitable tool.


The author of this article is Markos Goikolea, person in charge of videomarketing of the school of innovation businesses and entrepreneurs IEBS.


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