If you love romantic plus comedy movies - watch Mental Madhilo
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If you love romantic plus comedy movies – watch Mental Madhilo

The Covid-19 Pandemic has once again hampered our entertainment supply. The second strain of coronavirus is more deadly than the first strain. And hence with the cinemas being shut, the only option to get our daily dose of entertainment is through OTT platforms. But are you feeling bored from watching the old predictable movies? Yes? Then we have a crisp recommendation for you. If you are looking for hdmovies, the Aha OTT platform is the best place for you. South Indian movies are known worldwide for their classic comedy. And with romance added, South Indian movies are a total entertainment package. We have to admit and no other industry can match the level of comedy of the South Indian film industry. To help you with choosing, here is a terrific recommendation especially for you. Please read below for a quick overview.

Mental Madhilo

Release date: 24 November 2017

Mental Madhilo is an Indian Telugu language romantic comedy film directed and written by VivekAthreya. Raj Kandukuri has produced the film under the banner of Dharmapath Creations. Starring Sree Vishnu, NivethaPathuraj, and Amrutha Srinivasan in the lead roles, Mental Madhilo is a delicious dish for the fans of rom-com. The film also features Sivaji Raja, Madhumani, Raj Midiraju, Anita Chowdary in supporting roles. The story is a unique blend of romance and comedy. Aravind (played by Sree Vishnu), a Borderline personality disorder, is a total failure in decision-making. After messing up 12 matchmakings, he finally finds comfort in Swetcha (played by NivethaPethuraj).

In contrast to Aravind, Swetcha is a straightforward girl. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Renuka (played by Amrutha Srinivasan) while on a work trip to Mumbai. Now begins the best part. Aravind once again encounters his fickle-mindedness. What makes this movie interesting is the story of Aravind and Swetcha. Both are opposite but are about to get married. The arrival of Renuka in the life of Aravind makes sparks fly between the three of them.

How will Renu’s arrival affect Aravind and Swetcha? Will Aravind ever be able to overcome his decision-making problem? We know you must be surrounding yourself with many such questions. We have got a one-stop solution for all your questions. It is the Aha OTT platform. Watch Mental Madhilo movie on the Aha OTT platform and enjoy cute moments of love and comedy with your partner or even alone! Affordable subscription plans, ad-free content, a wide range of genres, and different content for kids, all this at one place, that is, Aha. What makes the Aha OTT platform more attractive is the availability of a special discount of flat Rs. 100 off on using the code AHA100. With an option to watch offline as well, Aha is heaven for binge-watchers. So don’t waste any more of your time. Subscribe to aha and start streaming the Telugu Movies and web series.

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