Creation and design of stores online

E-commerce no longer is the future

Design of stores online.

Some product or service that to sell?

E-commerce has grown to a vertiginous rate in Spain. Everything can be sold in Internet with an suitable approach, has arrived the moment for rising the wave.

  • Development of stores online prepared to whatever adapt to your business its magnitude.
  • We count on solutions that adapt to all the budgets.
  • We use the last platforms of code opened of the market, for the development of your store.
  • Once designed the store, we offer supplies of positioning Web.
  • You do not doubt it more, requests a store budget to us online and we will orient to you without no commitment.
It trusts us for the development of your store online.

Totally customized

WebsGalicia is in charge of the design of your store online of a customized form and taking care of always your corporative image, we make a valuation and we adapted the functionalities from the store to the characteristics of your products.

Manage it you yourself

The stores online that we created have an administration panel where to manage articles, clients, orders, etc. we trained You for it or you can contract our plans of maintenance and take off with your store online.

Updated to the last one

Whether we constructed to a store in Prestashop in WordPress or any other platform, we used the last version available, as long as he is most recommendable. Updating the programming to the last new features of the market.

How we pitch a tent online


Initial exposition

It is essential to maintain one or several actual or digital meetings to elaborate an exposition of initial business, in which to elaborate the strategy to follow.

Creation and development

Following the initial expositions, we are presenting the different sections from the store online in continuous contact with the client and purifying live possible modifications.

Test and “to fight?

It is important that you know it, in the majority of the cases of making take off a store online is a difficult way, luckily these in good hands and we will fight with you to make take off it.

Prices design lie down online

You want to know how much costs the development of a store online? Here you have it.
We develop your store online in the sharpshooting platforms of the market, advising you at every moment which better adapts to your business.

We want that your store prevails, is why from the first moment we took it to us as if outside ours, we know the keys for the success in e-commerce and we applied them.

General characteristics of the stores online

  • Storage of products, clients and orders on the basis of data.
  • Zone of client where they consult his historical one and directions.
  • Different prices from shipment, or by weight and/or destiny.
  • Search outpost of products and personalisation of filters (color, size, manufacturer…)
  • Specific listings with sold products more, new features or those that are at the moment in supply.
  • System of valuations of products, by means of stars and commentaries.
  • Complete methods of payment as virtual TPV, Paypal, banking transference or contrareembolso.
  • Possibility of control of product stock and even, in case of having physical business, being able to have a system of collection in store.

Complete store online

price from
800€pago only.
  • Up to 180 products in the store
  • Optimized design movable and optimized SEO
  • Configuration of transport and methods of payment
  • Programming in 1 language
  • Self-managing website
Financing until in 6 months WITHOUT INTERESTS

The moment has arrived for taking the step, million clients hope to you.

It contacts with us

Person in charge: David Daluz () - NIF: 36120656F postal Dir.: Rúa Serafín Avendaño, 8 Telephone: 620574753 Email: info/@/
We treat the information that it facilitates to us with the purpose of to serve asked for to them.

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